Quality Familytime Ideas – The Family Dinner

What’s getting more rare than the giant pandas of China? It’s the sit down family mealtime together. In today’s high speed world of cellular phones, dot coms and busy schedules, sitting down together at mealtime, unrushed in each other’s company can be quite a challenge. Here is a list of ten things you can do to make family mealtime quality time.

Everyone has different schedules, but I’m sure there is at least one meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner, where everyone in your family can sit down together. The week features on average 21 meals.

The odds are that at least one out of those twenty-one can be spent together.

I remember an especially busy traveling period my husband went through. The only meal we really all enjoyed together was Saturday morning breakfast every two weeks. The kids remember these times because we made them special. So instead of dwelling on the twenty meals we did not share, we dwelt on the one we did share.

1-Do not answer the phone (let the answering machine take the calls)

2-If possible have everyone involved in some aspect of the meal preparation and setting of the table.

3-Everyone should sit together until the last one finishes eating.

4-Take a moment to give thanks.

5-Thank the cook and assistants for their efforts

6-Make clearing the table, and cleaning the dishes just as much fun an event

7-Have everyone take turns sharing at least one thing of importance to them.

8-Look and listen, be attentive to others

9-Keep loaded discussions for special meetings time.

10-Keep to positive comments about each member.

If this is new to your family, don’t expect a scene from the “Waltons” right away. Some relationships may be undergoing a testing period. So if your teenager thinks this is a dorky idea at first, persevere, they’ll come around. Even if they seem not to enjoy it at first, they will learn to like it. Especially if they get to share about something they hold dear.

We like to hold hands and say grace before our meals. That creates a loving and thankful atmosphere. Make meal times a stress free time.


How to Make a Christmas Gift Basket

Quick Guide on How to make a Christmas Gift Basket

1. Choose your theme

2. Set your budget

3. Choose a base container

4. Choose the main gift items

5. Choose a filler material

6. Layer your items

7. Wrap it up

8. Add the finishing touches

Holiday ideas:

  • A lovely family gift basket idea is to let every one choose a special tree ornament and make a tree ornament basket for the grandparents in the family, etc.
  • You can put family favorites that have sentimental value together to make a very special memory basket gift.
  • Or you can ask every family member to buy at least one tree ornament and bring it with them when they visit.
  • Make a gift basket for the receiving hosts!
  • Group some favorite items from a person’s hobby and put them together for a ”Hobby basket”

Everyday is a gift from God

Time is a wonderful gift. Being an effective homemaker means learning its’ value and using it wisely.

Here are some quick tips to cut down on online time wasters:

  • plan what you are going do before you login to your computer
  • write down the time at which you started

write down the time at which you ended and ask yourself if you used the time wisely.

The internet can be just that a ”net” to catch your time and steal it from you.

Choose a Thanksgiving Menu

Choosing a Thanksgiving menu should be done at least two weeks before Thanksgiving to give you plenty of time to get organized.