How to Make a Christmas Gift Basket

Quick Guide on How to make a Christmas Gift Basket

1. Choose your theme

2. Set your budget

3. Choose a base container

4. Choose the main gift items

5. Choose a filler material

6. Layer your items

7. Wrap it up

8. Add the finishing touches

Holiday ideas:

  • A lovely family gift basket idea is to let every one choose a special tree ornament and make a tree ornament basket for the grandparents in the family, etc.
  • You can put family favorites that have sentimental value together to make a very special memory basket gift.
  • Or you can ask every family member to buy at least one tree ornament and bring it with them when they visit.
  • Make a gift basket for the receiving hosts!
  • Group some favorite items from a person’s hobby and put them together for a ”Hobby basket”